The Borden Workbook is designed to support you as you launch, grow, and nurture your business, alongside consultation with us, or as a standalone guide. We are giving you the opportunity to take charge of your business development, and the tools you’ll need to do so – all in one place.

At Borden Communications, our goal is to help clients grow better businesses. When working with clients directly we give tailored prescriptions for their business. When similar challenges arise over and over for our clients, we like to solve it and share the solutions widely. This workbook is a complement to (and a result of) consultations, our online better business and better living advice, and anything else we want to communicate. We’ve found that the steps to creating a sustainable business (especially online) are often convoluted and decentralized. We aim to change that. Our business advice is simply what we have distilled down from research, and most of all, experience. We take great pride in creating a clear and humble approach to good business tactics that you can understand and execute.